2016 New Charms 75% Off, FREE SHIPPING! : SOUFEEL

2016 New Charms 75% Off, FREE SHIPPING! : SOUFEEL

SOUFEEL designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewelry made from genuine materials at the most reasonable and competitive prices. SOUFEEL jewelry …

Region jewelers talk vintage, stacking rings, salt-and-pepper diamonds, man trinkets among this year's jewelry trends

nwitimes.com - 2 months ago
Soufeel Jewelry (soufeel.com) turns any word or phrase, from names to hashtags, GPS coordinates and initials into necklaces that make for personal and memorable gifts. For the pet lover, Precious...

Q fever: More cases reported in Chile outbreak

Outbreak News Today - 2 months ago
Those infected are dairy workers in Puerto Octay, Los Lagos region, who contracted the infection through contact with cows and sheep. In response to the outbreak, the Ministry of Health would decree...

Lyme disease testing: New tests could offer more accurate and less ambiguous results

Outbreak News Today - 1 month ago
New tests to detect early Lyme disease – which is increasing beyond the summer months -could replace existing tests that often do not clearly identify the infection before health problems occur. In...

India: 132 chronic lymphatic filariasis cases reported in Maharashtra

Outbreak News Today - 1 month ago
Christmas Gift Guide at Soufeel.com - Starts from $3.99. The mosquito-borne parasitic infection, lymphatic filariasis, and the chronic stage of filariasis with lymphedema, is a major concern in...

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