Krikawa Jewelry Designs : Diamonds by Krikawa

Krikawa Jewelry Designs : Diamonds by Krikawa

A work of art for your love! Be inspired by creative rings, made to order with GIA diamonds and the finest sapphires available. BBB ranked A+

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Krikawa Jewelry moving into former Daniel's site

Arizona Daily Star - 3 yearss ago
If you go. Krikawa Jewelry Art Gallery, 21 E. Congress St., will host a grand opening celebration from 6 to 9 p.m. Nov. 22. The event will also be the beginning of an exhibit called Local Flavors,...

Don't flip a coin to see who goes first, spin it

The Gadgeteer - 4 months ago
Are you a bad coin flipper? You know the type who flips to resolve an issue only to have the coin go rolling away never to be found again? The Tempus Spin Coin from J.L. Lawson & Co. provides a...

Internet a blessing and curse for local jewelers

Arizona Daily Star - 2 yearss ago
That's when was born, she said, and within five years, she had eight employees and was doing 95 percent of her sales online. Then the economy crashed and, in 2008, she opened a...

10 Beautiful Same-Sex Wedding And Engagement Rings, Because Marriage Equality Looks Good

Bustle - 3 yearss ago
In light of today's historic Supreme Court's ruling that states can no longer ban same-sex couples from marrying, gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Which means that we will have...

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