LED WATCHES & LCD WATCHES : Tokyoflash Japan

LED WATCHES & LCD WATCHES : Tokyoflash Japan

Limited Edition LED and LCD Watches from Japan, Designed and Made Exclusively By Tokyoflash Japan.

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The Liquid Metal Watch from Tokyoflash Japan looks out of this world

The Gadgeteer - 1 years ago
When I was a kid, I would intentionally break old style glass thermometers just so I could play with the mercury inside them. I had no idea back then that mercury was toxic. I just loved watching the...

Tokyoflash Radio Active Watch Giveaway!

SlashGear - 10 yearss ago
Competition entries are only accepted via the specified slashgear@tokyoflash.com email address; entries left in the comments section of this, or any other post, will not be recognized. Entries should...

Copyright Claims Lead To Removal Of Popular Pebble Watch Faces

Techdirt - 5 yearss ago
Like many folks, I recently got the Pebble smartwatch that I ordered through Kickstarter (still the highest grossing Kickstarter project ever). I've played around with a few of the different...

Inkblot Inspired E-Ink Watch

Yanko Design - 7 yearss ago
The Rorschach inkblot test is famous for gauging one's perception and imagination so designer Samuel Jerichow decided to use it tell time. The Rorschach watch has an e-ink display that generates...

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