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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Mac Mini Will Be 'Important Part' of Future Product Lineup

Mac Rumors - 4 hours ago
Apple's Mac mini celebrated its third birthday this week, marking three years since the device was last updated. The lack of attention Apple has given to the Mac mini has left many Mac users...

Apple Watch Series 3 Facing LTE Setbacks in China, Likely Due to Government 'Security Concerns'

Mac Rumors - 9 hours ago
The cellular capabilities of the Apple Watch Series 3 remain unavailable to new carrier plan subscribers in China, after having been "abruptly cut off...without explanation" just one week...

YouTube Singer Follows Up 'iPhone Antenna Song' With Sticky MacBook Keyboard Tune

Mac Rumors - 11 hours ago
Popular YouTube singer-songwriter Jonathan Mann has uploaded a humorous Apple-related tune that is currently doing the rounds on social media and tech blogs. Mann originally rose to prominence among...

macOS High Sierra Users Report Significant Delays Receiving iMessages and SMS Texts

Mac Rumors - 1 day ago
A bug in macOS High Sierra is causing users to receive iMessages and SMS texts on Macs and other iCloud-connected devices long after they were originally sent, according to reports that have been...

Apple and GE Partner to Bring Powerful Industrial Apps to iPhone and iPad

Mac Rumors - 1 day ago
Apple and GE today announced a new partnership that will provide developers with the tools to make their own powerful industrial apps. The two companies unveiled a new software development kit for...

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