Pearls and Pearl Jewelry : American Pearl

Pearls and Pearl Jewelry : American Pearl

Explore the world’s largest online selection of pearls and pearl jewelry by visiting American Pearl.

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What Kind Of Snob Are You?

BuzzFeed News - 9 months ago
"Do you know what I find truly ghastly? People who jog in public."-Mark Francis Vandelli. "If you throw money out of the window throw it out with joy. Don't say: 'one...

R&D Tax Credits Support 3D Printing for Changing Jewelry Industry

3DPrint.com - 11 months ago
With the growing introduction and use of 3D printing, the jewelry industry has seized the opportunity to produce quality and customizable designs at more affordable prices. According to the National...

How A Jewelry Company Is Making $250000 Pieces Using 3D Printing And Google Earth

Forbes - 4 yearss ago
It's taken the fashion and accessories industries a little longer than others to cotton on to 3D printing, the disruptive technology changing manufacturing and medicine. Now, though, alongside...

Missing: One Oscar gown, 6000 pearls, worth up to $10 million

Washington Post - 3 yearss ago
AmericanPearl.com estimated the value of the individual pearls to be much higher than the $150,000 quoted by the West Hollywood sheriff's department. “Based on our analysis of the size range of...

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