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Mens and womens shapewear. Gynecomastia shirts and ftm binders. Maternity pre natal and post delivery support and shaping. Bras, Pettipants and slips.

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A Sex Shop Was Fined for Selling a Chest Binder to a Trans Teen, Prompting Calls to Change 'Outdated' Bylaws

VICE - 3 yearss ago
An Ottawa sex shop that was penalized for selling a chest binder to a trans teen has sparked calls for a review of the city's "outdated" adult entertainment bylaw. Venus Envy on Bank...

The Binds That Bind

Jezebel - 4 yearss ago
Eventually, I did some research and found Underworks.com (who now apparently sell compression item for women and mothers to be, when did this happen?) to be at the top of the binding game. The...

7 Tips On How to Pass As Masculine For Trans Men

Feminism in India (blog) - 1 years ago
Being a pre-operated trans man is exhausting. Most of the time people don't acknowledge your gender, you do not look your age (like a teenage boy), people misgender you by saying, “Oh sorry...

Mirdles: Making Men Thinner in Seconds

ABC News - 9 yearss ago
He is now sold on the compression concept. And if the Internet is any indication, he isn't the only happy customer. Several Web sites now sell "waist eliminators," chest compressors,...

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